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Talent Outsourcing Services

What are STM Talent Outsourcing Services?

STM to act as the “employer of record” for your employees. As the employer of record, STM shares much of the administrative responsibilities and liabilities associated with employing and retaining top talents and performs employment-related tasks on your company’s behalf. While STM offers full-service talent management solutions, STM also provides scalable options that create value by supplementing services carried out by your company’s internal departments.

Our clients that outsource the employment of their team to STM enjoy several benefits, including reduced risks, minimized costs, and increased productivity.

STM is the expert in attracting, hiring, and outsourcing the best talents in different business areas, such as:

  • IT and software development.

  • Project management and execution.

  • Operations and maintenance.

  • Accounting and finance.

  • Administration.

  • Shipping and logistics.

  • Research.

Talent Outsourcing: Services
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