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Talent Acquisition Consulting

What is STM Talent Acquisition Consulting?

STM Talent Acquisition Consulting service offers a complete end-to-end recruiting solution, where we will:

  • Understand your business and organizational structure, objectives and business culture, and the background surrounding the vacancy. The role’s specifications are then identified based on a comprehensive job description to be provided by the Client.

  • Sourcing and Screening- Source and screen potential candidates (STM Database, Direct Approach (headhunting and networking), and Web Communication (internet search).

  • Shortlisting - After an extensive screening process has been completed, STM will run interviews with all potential candidates. These interviews allow us to gain insight into the skills, motivations, and objectives of the candidate and help us understand whether or not there could be a potential fit. After creating the long list, STM shortlists only the highest potential matches and prepares their documents for your review. Each candidate is then presented with a detailed cover sheet containing compensation details, career objectives, languages, nationality/permit restrictions, etc.

  • Interviewing - Once the shortlist has been reviewed and those you wish to interview selected, we will coordinate the location and timing and ensure everyone is well prepared for the discussion.

  • Manage negotiations and make the final offer to your dream candidate!

Acting as your internal recruitment team, we can take care of the entire recruitment process and find the right fit for your business.

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